To Register your Company, the following information is required –

  • Business Licence (where applicable)
  • Broker’s Licence
  • Courier’s Licence
  • Customs Bonds (that apply to the registration)

Registration is a one-time process for all users and it aids in a speedy clearance process. 

To Register online, click here.


Please Note:

  • The owner of a Company or a representative (with authorization from the owner) working for said company may apply for a User Login to clear goods on the Company’s behalf. (Bear in mind, this is only for those familiar with Customs Procedures and clearance)
  • If the company uses an external broker, there is no need for a User Login as the broker will complete the process for you.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Users have the option to present their required documents in person at Customs Headquarters in Nassau or any Customs location in the Family Islands.

For assistance with user registration use the following contacts.


Hotline: 604-3004 through 3007 / 3010 / 3011 / 3013 / 3014 / 3033

Help Desk: IT Department, Customs Headquarters, University Drive