User Roles

Airline Agent

An airline agent is the person responsible for coordinating with Customs the presentation of required documents, such as the arrival report (Inward Report) and Master Manifest, to secure clearance for a cargo aircraft to enter the country. An airline agent ensures that Customs has these documents on hand prior to the arrival of an aircraft, to facilitate the inspection of cargo, the review of health declarations and crew lists, and general clearance.

Air Courier/Broker

An air courier is a business that consolidates packages on behalf of multiple clients, both individuals and companies. They gather the cargo together in one consolidated list and clear the cargo on behalf of their many clients. They function like a consolidator and a broker. Air couriers must have a valid business licence, a courier’s licence and bond, and a broker’s licence and bond to operate.

Clearing Agent

A clearing agent is considered a customs broker. They create declarations on behalf of a company or individual, acting as their authorized agent. Declarations filed by a customs broker list all of the goods that individuals or companies import or export in and out of the country. Clearing Agents can also handle the payment of all relevant taxes and fees on behalf of an individual or company. They are the stand-in persons who has specialised knowledge of all the various customs procedures. Clearing Agents must have a valid business licence, a broker’s licence and a broker’s bond to operate.

EXIM Importer/Exporter

An Importer/Exporter can be an individual or company. Individuals can function as their own customs broker and file declarations exclusively on their own behalf. Companies can assign an authorized individual to exclusively import and export goods on the company’s behalf.