Temporary Imports

Temporary Import

Temporary imports are permitted in the territory with the security of a Temporary Bond and an import tax of 10% every 90 days. Persons such as contractors, persons doing special projects or group conventions, salesmen or amusement park operators can apply for the importation of temporary goods without full duty payment.


  1. Approved application from the Bahamas Ministry of Finance.
  2. A completed Bond for the Re-Exportation of goods imported for a temporary use or purpose (CB7). 


  1. Prepare relevant documents.
  2. Present documents to Comptroller of Customs for approval.
  3. After examination of goods for verification is complete, pay applicable duties.
  4. Collect goods. 

Application Form(s)

C41 Form – Application to Import Goods for a Temporary Use or Purpose (Available at the Customs Department) 

Supporting Documents

  • Completed transshipment bond.
  • Completed required C41 form.
  • Invoices (where applicable).
  • Shipping / Airline documents (bill of lading / airway bill, any other documents provided by the supplier).
  • For individuals – Identification (passport, NIB or driver’s license).
  • For businesses – Valid business license.
  • Approval letter from Ministry of Finance 

Turn-around time

2 to 24 hours. 


There are no deadlines for this service. 

Related Fee(s)

Processing fee 1% of C.I.F. Value (min $10.00, max $500.00) is associated with this service