Hurricane Dorian Exigency Order of September 2, 2019

Posted on: September 4, 2019

under the Hurricane Dorian Exigency Order of September 2, 2019

Under the Exigency Order, hurricane relief supplies can be imported into The Bahamas duty free and
VAT free based on the conditions outlined in the Order. Importers must complete a simple, one-page
application form to benefit from these tax breaks. The Bahamas Customs clearance process has also
been simplified to facilitate the smooth release of hurricane relief supplies. There are three simple

  1. Complete an Exigency Order Application Form
  2. Complete Relevant Customs Declaration Form
  3. Present Documents to Customs at Port of Entry for on-site clearance and approval

See additional details below.



Individuals and businesses are eligible to import tax free goods under the Exigency Order under the following three conditions:
1. Imported goods fall under the approved list of items
2. The final destination of the imported goods is an approved island
3. Imported goods will be used for charitable purposes to support restoration activities directly
related to Hurricane Dorian or by individuals who have directly suffered hardship or loss as a
result of Hurricane Dorian.

The final destination for all donated goods must be an approved island.
  • The Abaco Cays
  • Grand Bahama Islands
  • Sweetings Cay
  • Deep Water Cay
  • Water Cay

The following items are listed in the Exigency Order and considered approved goods.

  • *Bottled water
  • *Clothing
  • *Food for personal consumption
  • *Personal hygiene products
  • Medicine and medical supplies
  • Building materials
  • Tents
  • Cots
  • Bedding materials
  • Mosquito nettings
  • Electrical and plumbing fixtures and
  • Household furniture, furnishings and

*These items are only tax free for 30 days. All other items are covered under the 90-day order.

Ministry of Finance approval is needed for tax breaks on imported donations that are not included on the list. See process below.


STEP 1 – Complete an Exigency Order Form

STEP 2 – Complete Relevant Customs Declaration Form

  • C-18 for Unaccompanied Goods (e.g. Goods arriving on a private aircraft or charter plane)
  • C-17 Accompanied Goods (e.g. When travelling through baggage claim at the airport or on
    private vessel/pleasure craft)
  • C-13 Air Cargo or Sea Cargo (e.g. Goods arriving through a shipping company, freight forwarder,
    courier: DHL, Zipx, Betty K, etc.). This Customs form is typically complete by a broker or agent.

STEP 3 – Present Documents to Customs at Port of Entry

  • Customs will be responsible for reviewing and approving documents at the Port of Entry.


The Customs Department, Ministry of Finance, and Department of Inland Revenue have dedicated officers to support individuals and businesses importing tax free goods under the Exigency Order Customs.
  • Telephone Support: 376-7657, 604-3011, 604-3076, 604-3157
  • Mark Daniels – (Nassau)
  • Lorrain Smith – (Nassau)
  • Clarkson Darville – (Nassau)
  • Cleveland Dawkins – (Abaco)
  • Celestine Cox – (Freeport)
  • Larry Bodie – (Freeport)
Ministry of Finance – Revenue Department
  • Sheronne Smith –
  • Gia Williams –
Department of Inland Revenue
  • Gaynel Rolle –, 604-8070 (Nassau)
  • Shunda Strachan –, 6048073 (Nassau)
  • Jamal Moss – (Nassau)
  • Leo Hepburn – (Freeport)
  • Crystal Spicer –, 699-0053 (Marsh Harbor, Abaco)

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